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Sustainable Water Infrastructure

The Chlorine Chemistry Foundation® is helping to build permanent water supply, treatment and distribution systems for small communities in developing countries. With training and support from on-the ground partners, these systems can be operated and maintained by the local community to provide sustainable access to safe drinking water.


The West Africa Water Initiative (WAWI)

The World Chlorine Council (WCC) is an active partner in the West Africa Water Initiative (WAWI). Through the Chlorine Chemistry Foundation, WCC members are providing funds to purchase PVC pipe, water disinfectants, and related materials for WAWI water supply projects reaching approximately 500,000 people.

WAWI is a multi-partner alliance that focuses on providing increased water supply and sanitation services, improving public health, and promoting integrated water resources management in some of the most arid regions of the world. WAWI partners combine resources and skills to leverage funding from public and private sources, gain cost efficiencies, increase advocacy power with government policy makers, and develop more innovative and effective models of action. Currently, WAWI's work is focused in regions of Ghana, Mali and Nigeria.

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Clean Water Initiative for Central America

In 2006, the Chlorine Chemistry Foundation awarded its second grant to support the New Forest Project's Clean Water Initiative in Central America. The program 1) provides low-cost chlorinators for drinking water systems in rural communities in Honduras and in El Salvador; 2) supports a "chlorine bank" to supply disinfection products and other services; and 3) helps train and support "circuit riders" to provide technical assistance for local water system operators. With our ongoing support, as well as separate contributions from Arch Chemicals, PPG Industries and OxyChem, the program is helping to bring safe drinking water to more than 300,000 people.

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Community Water Supply for Loma Linda, El Salvador

The Chlorine Chemistry Foundation and Arch Chemicals have funded a project to rehabilitate the potable water system in Loma Linda, El Salvador, and reduce the now prevalent illnesses caused by waterborne parasites and bacteria. This project by American Red Cross and the El Salvadoran Red Cross will install a reservoir, pump, distribution tank and chlorination system to provide clean water to all 54 families in the village. Workers broke ground in September 2005, and the project is expected to be completed by the fall of 2006. The water supply project is not an isolated activity, but is part of broader Red Cross efforts focused on improved health, increased production, and better education.

"Teaching the value of chlorinated water and good hygiene practices, and then seeing how the infant mortality rate in a community decreases, is one of the best feelings that a Red Cross Volunteer can have."

Project Volunteer
American Red Cross International Services Division



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