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Chlorine Chemistry Foundation

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Who We Are

The Chlorine Chemistry Foundation´┐Ż is an alternative operating name for the Research Foundation for Health and Environmental Effects (RFHEE), a not-for-profit charity established by the Chlorine Chemistry Division of the American Chemistry Council and the American Chemistry Council.

Our Mission: Safe Water Delivered Safely

The Chlorine Chemistry Foundation works through effective partnerships to increase sustainable access to safe drinking water in underserved communities and areas ravaged by natural disasters. Our projects employ chlorine-based materials, such as disinfectants and PVC pipe, to help prevent diseases, improve quality of life and promote sustainable development around the globe.

What We Do: Partnerships for Sustainable Solutions

The Chlorine Chemistry Foundation provides grants to governmental and non-governmental organizations to support sustainable water initiatives. We select partners and projects, guided by the following criteria:

  • Implementing organizations have a proven track record of successful water projects in the impacted region.
  • Water supply and quality improvements are preferably integrated with appropriate sanitation and hygiene initiatives for broader public health impacts.
  • Projects employ cost-effective chlorine-based materials, such as disinfectants and PVC pipe, for treatment and/or distribution of safe drinking water.
  • On-the-ground technical expertise is available to support the safe and proper use of chlorine-based materials.
  • The local community is actively involved throughout the project, and contributes labor and/or other resources to implementation.
  • Water infrastructure can be sustainably operated and maintained by local community.

How We Are Funded

The Chlorine Chemistry Foundation mobilizes contributions from manufacturers and users of chlorine and related products, World Chlorine Council member associations, and others who share our commitment to improving access to safe drinking water as an essential step towards sustainable development. Donations, gifts or bequests made to the Chlorine Chemistry Foundation are deductible as charitable contributions.

Contact Us

Jeffrey Sloan
Director, Safe Water Programs
Phone: (202) 249-6710


The Foundation for Chemistry Research & Initatives is a tax-exempt public foundation described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions, gifts or bequests made to the The Foundation for Chemistry Research & Initative are deductible as charitable contributions. EIN 52-1945222.

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