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Chlorine chemistry-particularly chlorine disinfectants and PVC pipe helps meet the global challenge of safe drinking water and sanitation.

Comparative Risk Education
RFHEE promotes science and risk education to help children and adults learn how to evaluate both local and global health and environmental issues.

RFHEE supports projects that address critical public health questions.

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What Is the Research Foundation for Health and Environmental Effects?

In the past several years, the need for continuing, sound scientific research on health and environmental issues related to the production and use of chemicals has grown, as both the public and private sectors have developed sophisticated risk management principles.

In response to that need, the Chlorine Chemistry Division of the American Chemistry Council in 1995 established the Research Foundation for Health and Environmental Effects (RFHEE), with a goal of addressing uncertainties and answering questions about chlorinated compounds - questions raised by the general public and regulatory and public health officials.

A non-profit organization, RFHEE supports joint research projects sponsored by industry, public agencies, academia and other foundations. Working with these groups, RFHEE furnishes crucial funding for pertinent, peer-reviewed scientific research and provides an important information resource for public policy makers.

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The RFHEE is a tax-exempt public foundation described in Section 501(c)(3)
of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions, gifts or bequests made to the RFHEE
are deductible as charitable contributions. EIN 52-1945222.

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